On April 23, 1834, at the British Coffee House on the corner of York and King Streets, a group of British citizens gathered to celebrate the Feast of St. George. Inspired by the bravery and generosity of England’s patron saint, they founded the St. George’s Society Toronto and became agents of change within the city. Although it was originally founded to assist immigrants of English and Welsh origin, the Society provided food, medical services, and financial support to individuals in need, regardless of their national origins.

A brief telling of the history of the St. George's Society Toronto


Today, the members of the St. George’s Society Toronto are impassioned patrons of culture, education, health care, and charitable institutions across the city. Many of the city’s most influential leaders in politics, business, education, and the arts have been members, including Sir Henry Pellatt (of Casa Loma fame), Sir Robert Baden-Powell, George Gooderham, and former Prime Minister Robert Borden.

The St. George’s Society Toronto is a registered not-for-profit organization. Through its member donations and fundraising events, the society donates to over 20 charitable organisations annually.


The Committee of Management (COM) is the team responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Society, ensuring that everything from membership renewals to event planning is conducted efficiently and effectively. 

The COM meets regularly to provide oversight of the St. George’s Society Toronto. One such way that it achieves this is via a Strategic Plan. The most recent Strategic Plan focused on the following guidelines:

  • Sustain the goals and mandate of the St. George’s Society Toronto via a strong and sustaining membership;

  • Create both annual and special events that will enable the St. George’s Society Toronto to continue its good works and provide entertainment for its members;

  • Empower the COM to fundraise for special causes and for the Charitable Trust;

  • Liaise with educational institutions and grow the St. George’s Society Toronto’s existing scholarship endowments;

  • Support the St. George’s Society Toronto’s Charitable Trust;

  • Ensure the effective management of the St. George’s Society Toronto via proper procedures, adherence to bylaws, and the nomination of new members and COM members;

  • Preserve the legacy and history of the St. George’s Society Toronto;

  • Ensure the continuance of the St. George’s Society Toronto by recruiting and growing a vibrant “Youth Membership” (under-40 cohort);

  • Plan ahead with short-term and long-term goals to support the viability of the St. George’s Society Toronto.

Your 2021-2022 COM is as follows:

Officers of COM

President - Aaron Bains

First Vice President - Paul Antunes

Second Vice President - Jennie Green

Third Vice President - Jeff Lewis

Past President - Robert Baines

Treasurer - John Bishop

Secretary - Adwet Sharma

Members of COM


Glenn Carter, Kathryn Buis, Frances Sommerville

Ex-Officio Officers


John Welch (Investments)


Idalia Obregon (Executive Director)

Aaron Bains.jpeg