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Our Charity Work

The St. George’s Society Toronto helps fund charities in four areas: education, social and community services, health, and the arts. We are currently accepting applications for one-year funding only.

Applications for funding must be sent electronically to, and addressed to the Charitable Trust Committee. Honouring our long tradition of helping in the city, groups must be in the Toronto area.

The majority of funding decisions are made in August/September each year and communicated shortly thereafter.

Submissions for funding should be made no later than July 31 of the submission year and must include:

  • A 500-word proposal of how the requested funds will make a difference to your organisation (less than 500 words is accepted – we value precision in thought and concision in writing). We will not read past 500 words;

  • Background and history of organisation;

  • List of Board of Directors;

  • Staff breakdown (number of employees, not names);

  • List of corporate, foundation, and private donors;

  • Audited Financial Statements for the last two years.

***See the Evaluation Rubric.


In 2023, the St. George's Society has supported the following charities:

The Royal Canadian Legion was founded by Veterans for Veterans, and advocates for the care and benefits of all who served Canada, regardless of when or where they served.


In support of St. George's Chapel.

Since 2000, CGC has been creating social enterprise and skill building opportunities for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities in Toronto. 


For over 40 years, The Stop has been running extensive emergency food access and social service programs, aiming to address the effects of systemic poverty: food insecurity, social isolation, unequal access to land, and difficulty navigating health and government systems. 


JAYU is a registered Canadian charity and a leader in the space where the arts and human rights intersect.
“We believe strongly that the arts provide the strongest platform to share human rights stories.“


The PACT Lifeplan Coaching Program is committed to supporting and empowering under-served youth, families, and seniors in the community as well as youth in the criminal justice system.


For over 30 years, Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth has been a leader in preventing, reducing and ending youth homelessness. Each night, 120+ vulnerable young people experiencing homelessness find a safe place to stay, an offering of nutritious food and crisis 'help' services at Eva’s shelters and residential facility.


Outside the March creates unforgettable immersive encounters—redefining the experience of theatre for a new generation of audiences.
“For everyone who is tired of passively scrolling content, for anyone concerned that our city is becoming one indistinguishable condo block, we’re here to offer a cultural wake-up call.”


SKETCH is a community arts enterprise engaging diverse young people, ages 16-29, from across Canada, who live homeless or on the margins and navigate poverty.


Since 2006, over 25,000 high-quality professional Concerts in Care have brought the rich experience of performance arts to people in residential care.


We will regularly feature one of our supported charities on our "Charity Spotlight" page.

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