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Special Announcement: Founding Member of Brampton Venture Zone by TMU (Formerly Ryerson)

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

The St. George's Society Toronto Education Committee believes that every entrepreneur with a dream should have the same opportunities for success. To help level the playing field, we have partnered with Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) to launch the Brampton Venture Zone BVZ Entrepreneur Fund (formerly RVZ), providing financial support to high potential entrepreneurs in the RVZ Incubator program.

St. George's Society Toronto will match donor support to $50,000.

Building a successful company is challenging for all entrepreneurs. This is especially true for entrepreneurs from racialized and other underrepresented groups in Canada, who often face distinct barriers to their dream of starting a business. The Brampton Venture Zone (BVZ) provides training, mentorship, space, and purpose-built programming to support new Canadians and visible minorities in Brampton and the GTA as they build their new ventures.

BVZ also provides support for individuals looking to upskill in their careers or pivot career paths through experiential learning opportunities. BVZ is part of Toronto Metropolitan University's Zone Learning network, one of the most respected university-based innovation ecosystems in the world. For more info, click here.

Join us on December 3rd (2020) for the first Industry Challenge Awards Event from Brampton Venture Zone where Shokeen Singh, St. George's Society Toronto Education Committee Chair, will announce this initiative.

Special thanks to Shokheen Singh and Glenn Carter who made it possible for the St. George's Society Toronto to become a Founder Member of Brampton Venture Zone (BVZ) by TMU.

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