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For 50+ years, Youth Employment Services - YES has been helping low-income and vulnerable youth find and maintain employment. Through YES' programs and services, youth develop new skills, gain confidence and motivation, and identify and pursue their goals. Last year 86% of the young people who were supported through YES' assisted programs had a successful outcome.

"We are proud to work with organizations across Canada, sharing our resources and expertise to better assist young people across our nation".


And those young people need us now more than ever. This past year was truly terrible; the youth unemployment rate in Ontario remains alarmingly high at 20% with jobs in sectors that typically employ young people, such as hospitality/food services, obliterated. With the continued increase in inequality and mental health issues, young people are left with less opportunities to develop and thrive.

As a leader in providing job readiness, employment and empowerment programming, YES has continued to work on the frontlines helping youth face these unprecedented challenges, providing safe and innovative virtual career counseling, mental health programming, up-skilling, job development, basic needs support, and programming with youth, via phone, email and webinars, and through our online programming platform.

Note: picture shown were taken pre-pandemic, all of YES' services are currently being carried out virtually.

"We are incredibly grateful to our partners such as The St. Georges Society of Toronto for their support during these difficult times. If we all continue to work as a community, we can put in place the solutions that are vitally needed to help our youth through this ongoing crisis and ensure they are set up for success." said Carrie-Ann Goodfellow, Youth Employment Services - YES. 

You can find out more about Youth Employment Services - YES here: WebsiteTwitterInstagram and Facebook.


Should you wish to make a donation or learn more about Youth Employment Services - YES, check out their website.

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